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The first set of the battle between the Colts and Lancers was rittled with unforced errors on both sides of the net and ended in the Colts going up 1-0. 

Set two saw a vast improvement from the Lancers both offensively and defensively. Working with more a consistent serve receive, the Lancers were able to generate a systematic offence that forced the Colts out of system and gave the home team plenty of free ball opportunities. Fourth year Lancer Josh Roberts played inspired defence that fired up his team and led to a 25-18 set win. Despite close scores, the Lancers lapsed in the third and fell behind 2-1 with a 28-26 set loss before coming roaring back in set 4. 
Taking a commanding lead right off the hop, the Lancers dominated the Colts the majority of the game, leading 20-12 heading into the final points. Showing a ton of potential at the net, the Lancers powered their way through the Colts and rolled to a 25-19 victory to force a 5th and deciding set.
Playing the way you should in a final set, both teams went all out to get the win but the Lancers consistently held the lead and surged ahead 8-4 at the switch. The Colts made an attempt at a comeback late in the game but the Lancers held on and took the win 15-11 for their first victory of the season. Matt Bridgeland made a huge impact in the middle with good blocking and effective offense while first year Lancer Trevor Fortier led the way with 16 and 4 kills for impressive 20 point performance. 
With a much needed break ahead of them, the Lancers don't get back to regular season play until the New Year when they host the Durham Lords on January 11th.